Our Culture

Team Building - Hokkaido

Liu Education's culture is to establish one of the most important principles of our business, which is: "To succeed, we must first help others to succeed." Our goal is to pursue excellence. Everyone in the company continuse to grow together with support and encouragement for each other to always be selfless and giving.

Excellence: Our corporate vision is to become the world's most respected and widely recognized educational training center.

Reward Loyalty: Liu Education has a strict "promotion from within" policy , which means that every member of the team started by being teacher first, and ultimately be promoted to branch managers, who would share a lasting relationship with the company.

Selfless Giving: Liu Education actively participate in public welfare activities, starting from our Liu Foundation, to countless publish speeches provided to parents and teachers to convey the concept of our teaching methods. W are proud that our success has allowed us give even more back to the community and people .

Our Mission

Without a doubt, Liu Education's mission is to make sure the learning efficiency of every Liu's child receives excellent and specific results. The progress obtained at our learning center should be continued and can contribute to the overall development of the child's future performances. Our vision is to become the most innovative in teaching techniques, the largest and most respected special edcuation service. We long to provide the driving force and growth to all the talented educators with the same dream, which is to apply the passion to all the children who are forgotten by the traditional educational system, and bring back their chances of success. In order to achieve our vission, we will be:

Educational Innovation Leaders
We firmly believe that all of Liu Education's values ​​are based us having the best "quality" of education. Our goal is to enhance the effectiveness of teaching methods and tools, thus improving our ability to solve the most difficult problems in order to show the most substantial progress in performances.

Educational Results Leader
We strongly believe that, more than anything else, establishing an effective educational system requires us to possess the most innovative spirit and ability. In addition to increasing the potential for innovation in our services and operational processes, we also set up a "Liu Education Research Lab". Through continued research and testing, we relentlessly seek to perfect Liu Education's core educational theory in "Visual Integration, Auditory Memory, and Sentory-motor Skills" (VAS).

Reputability. We are an organization that continues to provide satisfying services and results to our parents.
We believe that the drive to push us achieve our dreams is to "wholeheartedly" work on making sure our children are improving and our parents are satisfied. With our company and employees chasing the same goal, we guarantee our organization's lasting development. We provide our parents and children the most well-planned training programs and the best-suited consultation.

Be the leader to drive the world in innovative educational concepts
Upholding the concept of "VAS" teaching methodology that Dr. Liu Hongbai founded, conbining with the efforts put forth by teachers, parents, policy-makers, we remove the old barrier of "label thinking" to return "learning opportunities" back to our children.


Committed to the Liu Education's belief, we we will implement the following corporate values ​​as the goal:

Teaching effectiveness Leaders

Adhere to honesty, integrity and the highest ethical standards.

Provide services that exceed customer expectations.

Creating career growth opportunities for the talented while sharing each other's achievement and joy with every Liu member.