Our Campus & Foundation

Taipei Liu Social Welfare Foundation

Based on the spirit of love to expand the essential function and effect of special education, our foundation's purpose is to focus on enhancing the training and protecting the rights and interests for the learning impaired children.

  • Assessing children's development in learning ability.
  • Tutoring children with learning difficulties.
  • Identifying the pain point of development for children with learning difficulties.
  • Advising children and parents on learning disability issues.
  • Enhancing children's learning ability (including Speaking, writing, reading, counting, and sporting).

Chinese Learning Disabilities Association

The association is committed to bringing up people's awareness on "Learning Disabilities", assisting the government to promote the educational progress on "Learning Disabilities", and combining the research findings from scholars and experts on "Learning Disabilities" to create benefits for young people and children's welfare.

  • Advising children and parents on learning falling behind issues.
  • Assesssing children's learning abilities.
  • Counseling children with insufficient learning capability.
  • Enhancing children's learning ability.
  • Counseling gifted children to have balanced development in learning capability.
  • Assisting educational institutions to host parenting seminars.

Dr. Liu Individualized Educational Consultants, Ltd.

The education consultant company specialized in providing all types of children with individualized education method, learning ability assessment and training.